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Shoreline - A Costal Journey Life on The Water  

Life on the Water
Fisherfolk on the sea and the shore

On every coastline, a truth is to be had. Here, the waters of all the oceans grapple with the seven continents and reach a hairline truce: a few hundred meters of land. Here live people of a certain kind, giving to and taking from the ocean.
It is this transaction that attracts Mohan Khare’s wonderful palette. It is appropriate that his medium should be water colours, another fruitful nuptial of water.
The coastline is a truce between land and sea. It may be more. A tolerance. In that lies a message.

Gerson da Cunha
Eminent Personality

After a successful debut exhibition ‘Shoreline…a Coastal Journey’, Mohan Khare moves from vistas of lighthouses and horizons to the sandy beaches, rocks and vibrant life along India’s vast coastline. The ebb and flow of the forceful sea floods his paintings with a vitality that is both energetic and picturesque.. Yet, how delicate is his brushwork! Mohan’s images sensitively capture the placid and the pulsating habitat and activity of the sea and the shore.

Gautam Rajadhyaksha
Eminent Photographer & Writer

The timelessness of the ocean and the ceaseless motion of its powerful waves is something that all those who live by the sea are subconsciously aware of, and indeed, it decides all their actions and the manner in which they run their entire lives. Mohan Khare’s fascination with the sea and all things associated with it, his keen eye for detail, shows in the way he treats his subjects and captures the essence of the sea in his depiction of sailors guiding their ships into harbour, workmen repairing ships, as well as, fishermen tending their nets. His paintings of the Naval Dockyard at Mumbai bring out the sense and flavor of history of that ancient Yard, of times gone by and of ships that have long since sailed over the horizons of time. He has undoubtedly carved out a niche for himself as one of the foremost marine artists in India. I wish him all the very best in his exhibition and pray that he continues to evoke the infinite moods of the sea in all his future work.

Commodore Sanjay Tewari
Author of “Through the Labyrinth of History”

Mohan Khare's sensitive rendition of scenes in 275 year old Naval Dockyard, painted for the book "through The Labyrinth Of The History" evokes a sense of history of the yard. Mohan recreated the old charm of the Naval Dockyard by creative use of watercolours and extremely imaginative compositions. With his ability to discern and pick out the unseen, he chose out features of the Yard, generally overlooked by those who work here, and brought their hidden beauty to life in a manner that only a person with a feel for marine subjects can. Only the person with the calibre and talent which Mohan possesses, could capture the vastness, complexity and dynamism of this 275 years old Dockyard.

I am sure Mohan will continue to inspire seafarers and landsmen alike with his depictions of life at sea and I wish him all the very best in all his future endeavours.

Rear Admiral Rahul Kumar Shrawat
Admiral Superintendent, Naval Dockyard, Mumbai