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Shoreline - A Costal Journey Life on The Water  

Shoreline-A Costal Journey

Lighthouses are the beacons which symbolize safe homecoming to seafarers. Mohan Khare has captured for us the beauty of the 19th century architecture, the heritage value and the symbolism of lighthouses. He has given us the opportunity to gaze at his works of art and recreate for ourselves the voyages towards our own horizons.

I C Rao
Vice Admiral (Retd)

Marine art is not yet as popular in India as it is in the Western world. Therefore, Mohan Khare's series on Lighthouses is a bold choice. Through his 'eye' you have the opportunity to rediscover the romance of these fabled structures. His subtle use of colors for the waters and sky are admirable, each painting unique in its representation of the coast. These sentinels of our western shores were mostly built in the mid-nineteenth century and the paintings show how well they have withstood the ravages of the harsh sea environment, while all the time, guiding innumerable seafarers to safety. Khare's is a pioneering effort which needs to be applauded.

Captain Vijay Shivdasani, I N (Retd)
Founder Trustee, Maritime Heritage Foundation

Mohan’s superb watercolors remind us of a forgotten, almost narrative style of fine art. His subjects evoke a pause in our crazy lives. Beautiful scapes of places we all passed in our lives but never cared to notice. Khare’s work urges us to stop and smell the roses and spend a moment appreciating the quiet unsung beauty around us.

Atul Kasbekar
Eminent Photographer

Throughout his 22 year successful career as an Art Director in Lintas, Mohan Khare never lost touch with his first love- watercolours. For his debut exhibition "Shoreline...a Coastal Journey", Mohan explores the picturesque and dramatic lighthouses and the languorous life of our Western coast in a series of watercolours that are classic, clean. minimal yet impactful. Images that take the viewer to these aesthetic spots that evoke the smells and sounds of salt and sea.

Gautam Rajadhyaksha
Eminent Photographer & Writer

Art Directors in Advertising have to keep a talent and a secret safe: the talent of an educated hand and the secret of a painterly heart. Mohan Khare gives evidence in “Shoreline – a Coastal Journey” of having done that. Even more, he glories in the unfashionable medium of water colour to give us sea and sky, lighthouse and fishing craft as a rare experience of tranquility.

Gerson da Cunha
Communications & Theater Personality