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Call of the Wave

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When we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch — we are going back from whence we came. Mohan Khare returns to the tides, horizons and people of India’s coasts in Call of The Wave, his third solo exhibition after Shoreline – A Coastal Journey (Jehangir Art Gallery, 2008) and Life On The Water (Nehru Centre, 2010).

In Call Of The Wave, Mohan has gone beyond his forte watercolours to explore graphite, crayons and oil. His series of lighthouses are 20” x 29”, a large size needed to capture the rugged beauty of these sentinels of the coastline. In smaller paintings sized 13” x 19” and 10” x 10”, Mohan captures vignettes of coastal people who live in peace and tranquillity with the sea.

Each painting is elegantly framed, ready for hanging in your home. If you have ever lived by the sea, if you have ever even seen the sea — these paintings are waiting to bring its elemental power back into your life.


Cavaleiro Lighthouse, Diu Daman Ganga Lighhouse Diu Head Lighthouse
Horse and jocky kanhai creek Moti and his friend
Boy & Kite Dad & Daughter Building a Boat
Cuddalore Lighthouse Eagle with Fish
Fisherman with storks Flamingo kingfisher with fish
Pide Kingfisher on anchor Point Calimere Lighthouse Boy with Dog
Boat in Creek Boat with Hut
Speed boat Puilling Net Teamwork
Boat Painting Dhow Ship Building
Finishing Touch Seagull Boat Building
Boat Maintenance Fisherman with Catch Boat Resting
Grandpa & Kids Going for Fishing Building skleton
Craftsman at Work 20 x 20 Ship in Yard 30 x 24